Tim Brown Architecture

Research constitutes the core of every project undertaken at TBA. We are constantly searching for better approaches to each and every aspect of design and building. Research can take the form of experimentation with new materials, innovations in project delivery methods, or development of cutting edge technical solutions. Although research into advanced technologies is a long-term collaborative effort with architecture students, not all of our work is aimed at sophisticated new technology. We are constantly looking to recover traditional practices and techniques that have been lost, or supplanted by "cheaper" alternatives. New isn't always best.

Another area of research which is extremely important is the many speculative, exploratory projects we develop. Whether participating in international design competitions or organizing intense workshops with students or colleagues, we engage these efforts as a way of asking "what if?" These projects allow us to consider large scale planning issues, to reformulate our expectations about architecture, and even explore new ways of working in an intensely collaborative environment.