Tim Brown Architecture is a design practice driven first and foremost by a love of building, whether at small or very large scales, residential additions or commercial build-outs. Delivering the highest level of professional services to clients on projects of any scope or size is the firm’s objective. TBA develops unique solutions to the challenges of each client’s project whether services are comprehensive or limited in scope.

Tim Brown Architecture is a full-service architectural firm based in Six Mile South Carolina but also working extensively in Western North Carolina and Chicago. Projects range from the fine scales of custom furniture design, through residential construction and commercial or institutional projects, to large-scale urban planning.

TBA is organized around three key pursuits: delivering highest quality professional services to clients, conducting hard and soft research in an effort to innovate across multiple fronts, and finally sharing knowledge, experience, and insights with students.

Although small in size, TBA has developed a successful collaborative model which allows us to work on local, national and global projects.

(If you are curious or confused about how it goes working with an architect, then have a look at this guide from the American Institute of Architects.)