Japan bound

Added on by Timothy Brown.

While I have spent a good portion of my life traveling, I do have several gaping holes in my experience. One of the most embarrassing is never having been to Japan. Embarrassing both because Japanese architecture, both traditional and contemporary are so important but also because Japan occupies such huge sections of our collective sense of the world. So a few months ago I decided to organize a student trip there over spring break. It may seem an odd approach to take students on my first, but my many years traveling with architecture students taught me that seeing new things along with a group of highly attuned and perceptive kids will pull you into a place deeply and thrillingly.

Our itinerary is limited to Tokyo and Kyoto, with a daytrip out to Ise Shrine (anyone who has gone through IIT’s second year studio has seen the amazing film on the shrine’s twenty year re-building cycle). We leave tomorrow but would welcome any don’t miss suggestions…