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Small but Fine

Added on by Timothy Brown.

Prof. Frank Flury directs our design-build program at the College and his studios have managed to complete a series of extraordinary projects. The most recent project was for a small field chapel sited in a spectacular rural landscape near Bodigheim, Germany. The chapel design was begun in fall 2008 with construction being done this past summer over about six weeks. See the Small but Fine website here.

The activities being undertaken at the College are increasingly diverse and the range of explorations make for a very rich experience for students (and faculty). But I always consider Frank's work to be the real core of our program - its architectural underpinning. To be able to fully develop a design project from conception through construction affords insights into the making of architecture that are rarely available to practioners today, much less to students. A quick scan of architecture programs shows that any number of schools are talking about design-build, or something resembling design-build, but very few seem capable of engaging the art of building anywhere near the level Frank and his students achieve. (Photos are courtesy of the Small But Fine studio.)