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Prairie Avenue Bookshop

Added on by Timothy Brown.

Prairie Avenue closing? In spite of seeing a series of independent bookstores close up around the country, and reading often of the challenges bookstores face in the Amazon.com world, I still have to say this surprises me. Prairie closing? What a huge loss for Chicago.

I hear my students brag about how they browse books at Prairie then order from on-line stores. And I'm sure my fellow professors and architects are doing the same. So we reap what we sow.

I mail-ordered books from Prairie when I was an undergraduate student and will never forget the pleasure of opening up those boxes when they arrived at Clemson. So I have made a point of buying all my architecture books there since I came to Chicago over twenty years ago.

OK, so the shop's hours aren't especially user-friendly, location is less than ideal, and the atmosphere isn't always overly welcoming, I still hate to think of buying architecture books based on a webpage summary.