WS09 day 12

Added on by Timothy Brown.

The students are working hard as we approach the deadline for submissions and the subsequent exhibition. Friday morning we'll start hanging the projects here in the aula. We've set the format - with such a huge project we'll be downshifting into A4 sheets hung landscape. Five sheets per project minimum.

The studio is very quiet and focussed - an atmosphere that is always a little intimidating to those of us standing on the outside of the work itself. It's one thing to lead a studio, entirely another to produce a project from scratch. The projects have managed the scale jump to match MOSE and a number of ideas haver gotten serious traction. Best is that some of the more modest projects have gotten sorted out and are developing density

In an hour or so the chief engineer of the MOSE project, Eng. Alberto Scotti, will come to speak with us about this massive work. I'm very curious about the sort of mentality required to engage such a massive and, in many ways, fragile project in the face of relentless debate.

Another word to add to the list of unpleasant terms in Italian - l'afa.