Paris still, but not much longer

Added on by Timothy Brown.

Today's the last full day of the IIT summer program and also my last full day in Paris. We'll wrap the program tomorrow at noon and I fly to Venice for the IUAV workshop - which started without me today.

We were in Reims earlier this week and this image has continued to intrigue me. For years I've been trying to work out what it is that produces this sort of very specific light in any number of these very large buildings. I'm quite certain the contributing factors include the obvious, like the quality of the glazing, the distance the light travels from glazing to surface, the atmospherics of the interior space, the northern sky's aspects, etc. However, the net result still continually upsets my expectations. When I anticipate subdued light, I often find a surprising intensity. Or an interior can be oddly gloomy when the skylight levels are relatively high. So, just to make life interesting, I try to remember to ask myself really simple questions like, 'could you do that?'